Thursday, June 27, 2013

New brick options..... We are jumping ship!


Hi All! After being told that our loan was approved we had to make some final decisions about the house. We decided to go with elevation A with partial brick instead of elevation B with partial stone. I fell IN LOVE with a new brick option RH released in our area recently. I love the classic look of the red brick but with this super cool textured look. I think it would look beautiful on any elevation but in order to offset the cost of the brick we switched to elevation A. Also, RH has new siding, door, shutter combinations. I can finally have a red brick, white siding, with black shutters and a black door! That is the combination I wanted from the start but at the time only accent doors were offered (in previous combinations the door was always a different color than the shutters).

I love this brick!

We thought about not getting the deck and building one after the house was built but in the end we want the house to be DONE when we move in. With this change we actually saved some money while getting what we wanted from the beginning.  Win win. :)

Below is an example of elevation A with brick. Our house will be similar but without the bonus room and with a side entry garage.  :)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I'm back with some good news!

Test over! Woooohooo!

Now back to fun stuff. :) So in updates... We are approved!!!! Got the good news from NVR on Monday! Also, we have been place on the schedule to start construction the first week of August. That's a bit later than I thought it would be but I am still so happy! Apparently it doesn't take as long to build the Palermo as some of the other models so we should still be on track to close early in November. Now we have to make some final decisions before they start getting the permits. Will have more updates soon. :)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Peeking from under this big rock!

Hi all! For the past 2 weeks I have been shut up in the house studying for my first board exam (June 19th). It has been SO difficult to force myself to limit my time spent on here and stalking different models. Which got me thinking, how would I possible be able to stay away if they were building our house right now.... I wouldn't! Things happen for a reason right? :) After a LONG day of studying I reward myself by reading through the blogs and seeing all of the updates and progress! Looking good everyone!

In the meanwhile enjoy the sunshine enough for me too. My bones are becoming more and more brittle as I type due to lack of Vitamin D...  See, told you I've been studying! :)