Saturday, June 1, 2013

Peeking from under this big rock!

Hi all! For the past 2 weeks I have been shut up in the house studying for my first board exam (June 19th). It has been SO difficult to force myself to limit my time spent on here and stalking different models. Which got me thinking, how would I possible be able to stay away if they were building our house right now.... I wouldn't! Things happen for a reason right? :) After a LONG day of studying I reward myself by reading through the blogs and seeing all of the updates and progress! Looking good everyone!

In the meanwhile enjoy the sunshine enough for me too. My bones are becoming more and more brittle as I type due to lack of Vitamin D...  See, told you I've been studying! :)


  1. Good luck on you board exam!! You've got e-family rooting for you!!!

  2. Just found your blog. We are building a Rome in Stafford, VA. Where are you building?
    Good luck with the studying.

    1. Hi Melissa! We are building in Chester VA. Congratulations on the new Rome! I hope all goes well. :)

    2. We're Ryan Homes neighbors, of a sort. We're building in Chesterfield County, too! Welcome and good luck! -Amy

  3. All the very best for your exams!! :-)