Tuesday, July 16, 2013

God bless my Sales Rep Lindsay....

For putting up with me!

After making an exception and allowing us to make some last minute changes to the house a few weeks ago (we got the new brick with elevation A), yours truly decided that she would literally die if she didn't get elevation B.... And guess what, Lindsay made it happen! Thanks Lindsay!!!!

So now that my life no longer in danger (whew) I wanted to post my last and FINAL choices for the house. They are as follows...

  • Elevation B with partial brick :)
Elevation B

I loved this brick!

  • Roman shower in master suite  (large shower with seat and glass doors, two shower heads, one on each side of shower)
    Similar to this I think, since we got rid of the bath we also get a HUGE closet!

  • No deck :(      had to sacrifice somewhere...

So in summary: We changed back to elevation B, I couldn't be happier :), I HIGHLY recommend Lindsay Sargent!