Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Breaking ground... but no pre-construction meeting...

Weird right?

Due to "scheduling conflicts" we will not be able to have our pre-construction meeting until next week although RH plans to break ground this week. I am not sure how to feel about that. On one hand I do NOT want to be held up anymore, but I am also bothered by going out of order and not having the process explained to be beforehand. Our PM has agreed to meet the hubby on the lot early in the morning to tomorrow to explain what area and trees will be cleared (per our request), although it was explained to us that we had absolutely no control over that. I just want to know that we are all on the same page before construction starts on the largest purchase we have ever made! Slightly frustrated, but hopefully it all works out... Has anyone else experienced this?


  1. What happens in the first few days after your pre-constuction meeting isn't all that critical (digging the foundation, pouring the footers, etc.) but if you are on a large lot and have some choice as to where you want your house to sit, I would definitely make sure you address that BEFORE they actually break ground. Other than that, your PM will mostly just review all of your selections, non-standards, etc. and give you a rough idea of what to expect over the next three months.

    One thing that I wish we had done (which should have been our SR, not our PM) is to go over where the light switches were located and what they controlled. We ended up putting in ceiling lights in the bedrooms and recessed lights (not as a package) in the family room so there was no "plan" for where the switches would be or what they controlled. We assumed they would mirror the locations (or better yet REPLACE) the switched outlets that are provided in each room which would mean we would have 3-way switches for the lights we bought rather that the switched outlets, but when we had our electric run, we saw this was not the case.

    We were able to fix most of the things we wanted with a little bit of pushing... but it would have saved a lot of headaches (and could have taken care of ALL of the items) if we had covered this earlier on in the process.

    Good luck with your meeting whenever it is!


  2. Happened to us! They broke ground few days before our pre construction meeting! But things that Brandon mentioned like the placement of the house on the lot and location of switches etc was covered by our SR when we were going thru design center discussions etc. But I agree, if that part isn't done already then have that discussion before the construction gets too far.

    First 2 weeks will be excavation, foundation etc. So don't worry, it'll be fine. You just wanna make sure everything you decided has been discussed with your PM before framing begins, after that it will be a headache to change things. They'll still do it, but you don't wanna be in that situation.

    1. Thanks Brandon and S&P! That puts my mind at ease. :) We did go over the placement of the house on the lot with our SR and today our PM explained the which trees are staying and which are going so we do not feel completely in the dark.

  3. No worries, they mostly go over your selections and double check any changes. I am not even sure you can change the location of the house at this point since it has be approved with the permit. You want to make sure they pre drywall is done before the drywall goes up, just fyi, but I haven't heard of anyone having that problem. Enjoy the build.