Tuesday, August 20, 2013


WE ARE STARTING!!!! Wooohooooo! Finally! It has been a LONG road but we are getting so close now. So here are a few quick updates about what has been going on.

1. We got an email saying that our appraisal was done. Yay, right? The only problem is the house being appraised wasn't ours! It was actually pretty funny. It was our lot and purchase price but a completely different house. How did that happen?? After a few laughs with our SR a new appraisal was ordered and is still pending. The good news is that the house that was appraised was a smaller and less expensive model and was actually appraised at a higher amount than we are paying for our home. :) We can't wait to see what our home appraises at!

2. We found out the because we switch to the master bath with only the large shower (instead of regular sized shower and separate bath) not only do we get a larger walk-in closet but our bedroom is also 1 sq. ft longer! It feels like a free bonus. :)

3. Yesterday we got a call saying that we are starting ASAP! RH will purchase our lot on Friday and hopefully we can break ground next week! Assuming we can find time to schedule our pre-construction meeting. And don't worry, I am starting my "research" right now to compile a list of questions to ask and things to clarify. Suggestions are welcomed!!!


  1. Your PM should go through all of your options and anything you're "paying" for... but anything that is non-standard, I would make sure that you definitely go over it to make sure that he understands it. We found that there were sometimes some discrepancy between what we wanted, what our SR thought we wanted and what our PM planned to do.

    Another thing that might be good now rather than later is to talk about anything that you might not want them to do that is "standard". For example, we are asking them to NOT install any mirrors in the bathroom (we found and purchased our own mirrors) as well as installing the closets 1ft higher so we can install a second row later.

    *Make sure you get everything in writing! We had requested our fireplace mantle to be mounted lower and our PM told us to remind him during the build... when we reminded him, he told us that because it wasn't in writing, he couldn't do it. Eventually it worked out... but it irked me that he remembered it but was going to refuse to do it.

    Another thing we found out (almost too late) was about the light switches. We had had lots of conversations with our original SR but apparently none of this was ever put down into our contract. If you bought ceiling lights and don't want switched outlets, make sure to bring that up NOW so it can be incorporated into your contract. Another good thing is you might want to look at the locations of your light switches. We have a switch on the first floor that controls both the hanging light in the stairs and all three recessed lights on the second floor. If I had known this, I would have put a switch at the top and the bottom for the light in the staircase, and a switch at both ends of the hallway for the recessed lights.

    Unfortunately... by the time we found out, it was too late to pay the $35 to change this!

    1. Thanks for the advice Brandon. Something as simple as having a light switch at the top and bottom of the stairs can make life a lot easier! We will go over that stuff with a fine toothed comb.

  2. I would do everything that Brandon has suggested in his comment. Go room by room and try to remember what you have selected for that particular room, what you want in that room and verify those with your PM.
    Also, if you are particular about something and did not see a sample, insist on looking at a sample cos "Huge" to them may not be "Huge" to you. This happened with our master bath shower and tub selections, and we ended up paying a fortune to have it changed mid way and the negotiation experience wasn't very pleasant either!
    Things that you may just assume (like power outlet by TV outlet on fireplace, or power outlet in the kitchen island etc) make sure they are pointed out to you on the drawings. This may help: http://ryanhomeslincolnshire.blogspot.com/2013/05/pre-construction-meeting-checklist.html
    All the best, let us know how it goes....

  3. Congrats! Double check the form you signed with what they have in their list, colors, selections, etc. We had a few things missed but we're fixed at the meeting. Ask your pm what the schedule will be, when you can visit, tell him how and when and how often you expect to hear from him. I like weekly updates since I only stopped by once a week but dome like daily. If you want daily prepare for delays.

    1. Thanks for the advice. I thing weekly would be good too.

  4. Woohoo! That's so exciting! That's good your SR was upfront about the appraisal, probably just a click of a button error somewhere :) Can't wait to see pics!!