Monday, September 23, 2013

Mistake #1...

I knew it would happen eventually, I just didn't think it would be this soon. While admiring the last pic I posted of the house framed, I noticed that there was an extra window on the second floor. Because we chose the alternate layout in the master bath, there should not be a window there.

Lets back track to the pro-construction meeting. One of the "minor" things that was incorrect was the master bath layout. The PM was not aware that we changed from the tub+shower combo to just the shower. No big deal right? Until the house is built with the old option.... Anyway I caught this on Friday and sent a text plus emailed a picture to our PM. No response. I called him the next day and asked if he got my email. Yes, he says... Couldn't he have sent a reply saying that??? Not very courteous in my opinion.

Turns out I was right. The construction team had the wrong plans. Good thing I am super on it, or who knows when that would have been discovered. So that was Friday. The crew worked through the weekend and today. The hubby and I stopped by today after work....  Roof on now, window still there...

Small window on second floor

The window is gone! Our PM sent me an email saying that he gave the updated plans to the construction crew and they have already made the changes. He insured us that he would check the workmanship of the repair before starting the next phase of the build. :)


  1. They will be able to fix it. We switched the layout of our tub and shower and they framed it the standard way. Once they were told, they had the bathroom reframed and the window moved within a day or two.

  2. As Amanda C mentioned, this should be fixable. Just make sure that you're happy with the patch job they do (and that any gaps are properly insulated prior to drywall).

  3. Hey! Yes, I'm back in the blogging world....and I'm catching up on your progress. :-)

    We changed the whole bathroom layout after the framing was (almost) done. So that shouldn't be a problem, but yes, as J and M said...keep on top of the change make sure they do a good job.