Saturday, October 26, 2013

Slowly but surely...

I am proud to say that I have been very patient in waiting for the missing louver to be installed. Today when I drove by, 1.5 weeks later, it was fixed!!!! So now the brick is complete. :) They have also installed the siding and shutters and completed the first coat of paint. I was not very happy about the 'cool platinum' color before but I must admit, it looks good. :) They also started installing the cabinets. The company that installed them damaged our drywall but we were assured that would be fixed. They also started on our flooring. It is really coming together!  :)

This was a pleasant surprise! They also delivered some appliances

Looks bad right....

Countertops hanging out in the garage for now

Peek-a-boo! Hardwood in powder room!

View from the front door, kitchen to far left

Master bedroom, color not bad right?

This is how it looks now!!!! Sorry about the sun glare

Close-up of the repair. The mortar is still wet

This is the view from the street. I love it!

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wait.... something is missing...

Sorry, I know its been a little while. Lots has happened in the last week or so. They have completed the framing and installed the insulation. We did end up adding our own insulation later that night. The put some up between the office and living room, around the laundry room, the hall bathroom and around our bedroom. We also wrote our inspirational quotes and scriptures on the framing. :) Two days later they started the drywall.

They also starting working on the outside of the house.  :) Brick finally! Yay! We have not had any other problems.... well actually we may be having one soon. Today I noticed that something was missing from the front of the house... a small white circular vent that should be above the windows. Pics below... I have place a picture of the model beside our house for comparison. We will be bringing that up to the PM tomorrow.

Upstairs hallway, looking into master bedroom
Room 1

Sorry about the poor pic quality, it was late at night an the only light source was a battery powered lantern 
Looking up the stairs!

Living room and door to office

Upstairs hallway from master



WE WERE RIGHT! They forgot to add the decorative louver before they started the brick. We spoke with our PM about it and he said the brick layers would have to come back out and add it in addition to our decorative brick and keystone that goes around it. He says the repair should be seamless.... It better be... This is similar to what it should look like.   Pretty right?  :)   I will keep you all posted.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Quick update!

My faith in our PM has been re-established.  :) We met with him on Wednesday and he walked us through the house. He explained that we do have the correct shingles and that the 20 year shingles only went around the roof vents. He took the time to show us the difference between the two which made me feel better. He also explained that the mistakes in the master bedroom and bathroom were being corrected. Most of it had already been corrected by that time. He assured us that it should not push back the finish date. He also agreed to meet with us at the house weekly for updates.

All in all, I trust his ability to do his job well. I will STILL keep my eyes on EVERYTHING, but I will try not to freak out so quickly :)

Coming up next is insulation and then drywall! The hubby and I are compiling a list of scriptures and inspirational quotes to write on the frame beams before the drywall goes up. Oh, and we are also getting ready for the small widow of opportunity to insulate the inside wall. We plan to do the master bedroom, hall bath, laundry room, and office. Will post pics soon!